Honoring service and sacrifice

 Times have changed recently and some of us may be left wondering what we can do. Well, we get creative and we keep doing what we do best: honoring and serving those Veterans who have served and sacrificed. Granted, we must be creative due to social distancing measures, but that does not mean that we must stop our programs, some of which include: Americanism, Buddy Poppy, Hospital, Scholarships, and Legislative. Now more than ever, we have an opportunity (without gathering) to advocate and educate. If you have an idea about any of our programs that we can promote on social media, then let us know. If you are advocating on a Legislative issue and need help calling our Politicians, then we can do a phone tree. If you want to canvas social media with Patriotic images and messages, then we can do that to! Other things you can do are write to the local papers or other journals. Packages can still be shipped for our Veterans in Veterans' Homes! Finally, our Patriotic Art Contest continues; Buddy Poppy is in the near future. We have projects that we can do now and later that are useful, helpful, support our program and mission, and more importantly, support our Veterans! 

 Be well. Stay connected. Keep doing the great work that you do!

See you soon,